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To truly win with your digital workforce, it’s vital that you develop an environment which supports robotic process automation (RPA). Similarly, developing a successful digital workforce is never a case of ‘set and forget’. Building mature internal capability is vital to unlocking the benefits – increased efficiency, agility, the ability to scale, improved sustainability, and better customer and employee experiences.  

The right partners can fast-track your learning curve – helping you avoid the perils and pitfalls while ensuring that your programme achieves a positive impact. We’ve been there from the beginning and are committed to staying ahead of the curve, evolving with the industry as we help others scale and succeed. 

Our awareness and training sessions are tailored to the best solution for your needs. We help senior execs through to managers and technical teams deal with RPA’s unique management and delivery implications, while ensuring your digital workforce programmes continue to bring value to the business. 

Not software development

We have seen many instances where organisations treat Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as a typical software delivery project, following the same disciplines and controls, only to witness cost/time overruns, dissatisfied end-users, and higher levels of business risk (not lower as you would imagine). 


Specific approach required

In collaboration with other international RPA and testing consultancies, Q4 Associates has created a specific approach and prerequisites which need to be followed for a smoother and lower-risk RPA delivery. This also maximises the ROI of your delivery practice and paves the way for increased business agility. 

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