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Shayde Boryer

Executive Director

Shayde has spent most of his years in the pursuit of the details. From helpdesk support to network engineer, team leader, consultant and digital solutions architect, Shayde has provided organisations with technical leadership, quality assurance, and creative solutions on products and services for more than 20 years.

Combining a considerable portfolio of expertise in IT, intelligent automation, and robotic process automation with an understanding of how the intricacies of a situation affect the bigger picture, Shayde helps organisations successfully integrate automation into their workforce.

Shayde likes to know and understand things, which is why he’s the go-to for troubleshooting: give him a problem and enough time and he’ll solve it. He also likes to grow his skills and keep his hands busy, which has helped him become an accredited, top-scoring developer with Blue Prism technologies.

Shayde believes technology leaders need agile solutions to service modern businesses into the future, and that intelligent automation is creating opportunities for faster and better results. From primary and secondary industries, into tertiary industries soon, that’s a lot of change in people’s lives, which comes with plenty of potential risks. “It’s so important that real RPA leaders are helping steer the ship, driving the conversation, and staying at the forefront of automation innovation,” he says.

For Shayde, process automation is not just about having the right robots in place to get the job done. “You need someone with the experience and the right advice to nurture and grow the right solutions as your business discovers what it’s capable of.” That’s where the magic – and the real business value – happens.

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