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We know first-hand that a digital workforce programme isn’t just an IT initiative. 

For real success, the digital workforce mindset needs to be part of your strategy and adopted by your business.

Q4 assist with the full range of digital workforce delivery and consultancy needs, from the vision and governance required to the skills of your people, technical infrastructure setup and everything in between.


The Q4 team specialise in the digital workforce domain. We have proven experience in the full range of delivery services, methodologies, tools and training required to help the businesses and people we work with to achieve their goals.

 Whether you’re starting on your digital workforce journey, need help scaling, or have specific technical requirements, Q4’s services cover all the key elements of a successful digital workforce operating model from both a delivery and operational perspective, providing delivery, advisory and training services.


Q4 Associates RPA Framework


Our in-depth experience and knowledge allows us to support you through any specific aspects of your digital workforce journey, assist you with full end-to-end set-up, or help optimise your programme.

Contact us with any questions or for more information on the services and tools that will safely guide you on your digital workforce journey.

Digital Workforce Programme establishment, or step change

Realising the full benefits of a digital workforce in your organisation requires much more than delivering a few automated processes or treating implementation like it’s an IT project.

Q4 knows this. We have the in-depth experience at multiple levels, disciplines, and technologies to assist with your establishment journey or with reinvigorating the current state to help you overcome scaling or efficiency challenges.

In addition to the Q4 team’s experienced Blue Prism ROM (Robotic Operating Model) Architects, Q4 have developed an advanced Digital Colleague Adoption Framework (DCAF) to help organisations assess and position themselves in the best way possible to overcome the required business, delivery, and technology challenges.

Digital Workforce delivery

A key part in the establishment of your digital workforce programme is setting the structure, capability and model of your Digital Colleague Life Cycle (DCLC). This includes defining the processes your teams follow, the artifacts that need to be documented, and the roles, responsibilities and sign-off checkpoints required.

Based on experience, we know that a poorly defined and implemented DCLC has a major impact on the robustness and efficiencies in the delivery of digital colleagues for your business and significantly erodes the benefits of a digital workforce.

Assisting organisations establish or fine-tune their DCLC is Q4’s forte. We have done this for multiple organisations, helping produce sound automated processes efficiently, as well as providing training and process refinements, and helping to establish the organisational buy-in required.

Delivery and Run Services

Q4 understand that it is the outcome that’s most important to your organisation. That means robust processes delivered and running aspects of your business, as well as organisational acceptance and support of their new digital colleagues.

Our Q4 Delivery Specialists have many years’ experience designing and building processes to run at optimum performance and to accommodate the unexpected – without jeopardising your systems’ integrity. The reliability and maintainability of your digital workforce solutions leads to more realised business benefits, happier end-users and less maintenance.

Our team often continue to conduct an efficient Run function (digital workforce management) for your digital colleagues until our customers reach a scale to justify bringing this function in-house.

Delivery – Quality and Efficiency

Two of the biggest weaknesses we see in the delivery space are inefficiencies and the delivery of substandard processes. Both of these come down to the capability of the team, poor processes, poor designs, the omission of standards, and no internal peer reviews.
Our Senior Digital Workforce Specialists provide fixed-term, predefined engagements to help your delivery teams get back on track, establishing a Design Authority function to ensure robust and efficient processes are delivered on an ongoing basis..

Run Optimisation

Some organisations struggle to efficiently run their digital workforce, affecting their ability to realise the benefits of the digital workforce programme.

Q4 have developed tools and process refinements to reduce the burden on your Digital Workforce Controllers, increasing uptime of your digital colleagues and streamlining remediation and deployment processes.


Digital Colleague Life Cycle Diagram

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