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Rachel White

General Manager of Training

Rachel is often the conduit for human-robot interaction. She speaks with businesses, users, and technical-level experts to ensure that organisations can build up the internal capability that’s required to deliver value and achieve success with automation.

She has always got a kick out of delivering training – especially when she sees her students light up when they master something new. From transforming the intranet into a valuable tool for internal communications during her time at Dairy NZ, to roles that spanned systems administration, SharePoint analyst, Office 365 specialist, and internal training delivery, Rachel’s diverse career has now led her to robotic process automation (RPA).

Rachel believes that RPA comes down to capability – that you’ve got to have the right people in the right roles, because people are at the forefront of RPA. “It’s fundamentally different to traditional IT or software delivery,” she says, “since RPA is about establishing an ecosystem that needs care to mature inside an organisation to grow in impact and reach.”

That’s why Rachel’s so committed to training. She’s developing and delivering the tools and techniques for users to provide support under every pillar of the robotic operating model – and that means greater business value through intelligent automation and a better digital workforce experience.

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