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maurice dubey

Executive Director

Maurice has always been led by a different way of thinking. Some say he’s not great at following the rules, but he’s always been about changing and growing – and you don’t get that if you accept the status quo.

Maurice is genuinely excited by a challenge. Give him an impossible task and he’s likely to respond with “shit, this is going to be exciting!” Just as well he’s able to apply a generous dose of pragmatism and logic to make sense of chaos and get the job done.

From an early career change from fitting and turning to IT, and earning his way into a second year course when he was refused a spot having not done the first year papers, to going out on a limb to start a forestry company in his 20s, Maurice has spent the last few decades on ambitious (or just plain mad!) projects. Along the way, it’s been his innovative, big-picture thinking that’s driven him to do things differently and always work to make things better.

Now Maurice loves being part of a team of pioneers leading the way in digital workforce capability and robotic process automation. “I love adding value to businesses,” he says. “Helping them find alignment, bring their people along on the journey, and engage in proactive and effective change management as they become more sustainable and agile. All of these factors combined are vital to achieving the greatest positive impact from the building of digital workforce capability.”

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