meet Mark

Mark Crossley

Advisor, Virtual CFO

Mark has always been excited about the idea of working with intelligent and motivated people, so he’s right at home at Q4 Associates. As Q4’s Virtual CFO, Mark’s busy advising the executive team on a gamut of things, from day-to-day reporting to the bigger picture planning for the business’s future objectives. Luckily for us, his excitement about our long-term strategic objectives mean we get a look in amidst his other loves – windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Far more than just a bean counter, Mark’s background spans more than three decades of experience across the corporate sector and manufacturing, in roles that ranged from finance director and C-suite to GM. Throughout it all, Mark has practiced and honed his superpower – thinking strategically and building and sharing knowledge for and with businesses.

And he’s not done yet! Mark reckons there’s two types of accountants: those who are happy to do their job, and those who want to keep learning. He most definitely identifies with the latter.

Mark believes there’s an answer to every problem, if you can think laterally and remain open-minded. To this day, Mark remains hellbent on finding better ways to do things, providing solid leadership and direction and helping people to achieve their goals. Q4 Associates is stronger and more robust, in no small measure, because of this.

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