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Jared Rumball

Executive Director

Jared has always been a great problem solver with an eye on the bigger picture. As a senior and highly skilled consultant with an impressive record in all aspects of robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent automation (IA), Jared’s making use of the extensive skills he’s developed across a diverse career in IT to help support businesses in creating agile and intelligent digital workforces.

It’s little wonder that Jared’s a big believer in the power of RPA and digital workforces – and what they mean for business: “It means freeing up time by taking care of high volume-low complexity tasks. The mundane. The repetitive. Get a bot on it, and the job is done faster and more reliably, with a clear, auditable paper trail,” he says.

That power translates to freedom to do more with your business and Jared believes that regardless of the tech involved, intelligent automation still comes back to people and making their lives easier.

Jared understands that the core of successful automation is communication, and he’s passionate about getting the right people involved and communicating at the right time throughout a project. “It’s vital to make sure our clients and the people in the businesses we work with know what RPA is, how it works, and how it will affect them. This involves talking to stakeholders about organising robotic operating models (ROMS), and to management to develop strategies for introducing an RPA model into a business.”

To Jared, this is what ensures ongoing success with an intelligent digital workforce. And it’s how he’s helping us lead the pack at Q4.

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