Global team


In 2019, Q4 decided to turn a current business assumption on its head.

Faced with a shortage of high quality, specialist digital workforce knowledge in the local market, we knew that growing our business while maintaining a high standard of RPA performance would be a challenge.

We could go local, and suffer average capability. Or we could go off-shore where the talent is and deal with the challenges associated with that.


The Q4 Global Team model

Our solution is to utilise the best talent, regardless of where they are, and make sure that we remain really easy to work with.

 We’ve optimised our methodologies and approach to communications so that our service continues to be seamless and effective, no matter where in the world our clients or team are.

From Munich to Hong Kong and Melbourne to Wellington, our Global Team model means we’re able to assemble a team to meet your needs and work alongside you as if we were next door.

q4 global team examples,
all with very happy customers!

Proven, full end-to-end engagement, from initiation to final delivery, including discovery, delivery of processes and infrastructure – without the need for in-person contact.


Remote Run and other service delivery to monitor and refine processes 

kms away

Design Authority
services for a leading financial institution

kms away

Intelligent character recognition configuration services for multiple leading financial institutions, with a blended local and remote team

kms away

Process delivery and infrastructure consulting 

kms away

Delivery of multiple automated processes for an SME financial advisory firm

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