The sign of a great meetup is the amount of questions and stimulating discussion amongst the audience about the topics presented. It’s also a great sign to see a number of people hanging around afterwards for more knowledge and experience-sharing. Based on these measures, Wednesday night’s event in Auckland was pretty close to a 10/10. (Good food and drinks also help!)

We saw Tim Warren – CEO of Ambit – enlighten us all with a pragmatic and fresh approach to conversational chatbot delivery – focusing on the pain points and business value. He also presented some great examples of where this really doesn’t take as long as we would think to implement.

We also had an amusing presentation from Maurice Dubey – Executive Director of Q4 – Illustrating the key business considerations required for successful digital workforce adoption. If you ever wondered what the Roswell 1947 has to do with digital workforce adoption, just ask Maurice.

Thanks to a great audience for sharing your thoughts, experiences, and visions. See you next time.