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June 2020, Q4 host “Blue Prism World” in Auckland. A great event including many business and thought leaders sharing their knowledge, learnings, and ideas regarding the digital workforce of the future. Plus a great dinner.

June 2020, Natalia Khripko joins Q4 as the Professional Services Manager. Natalia joins Q4 with 4 years RPA experience in both NZ and Europe.

April 2020, Cambridge Clothing engages Q4 to delivery Digital Workforce services.

March 2020, Steve Yulolo Joins Q4 as a senior Blue Prism Automation Consultant.


The hunt for purpose: Are you letting your people down?

The hunt for purpose: Are you letting your people down?

A couple of years ago, I found myself at one of those career-defining crossroads. I had a decision to make – and that decision ultimately led to me co-founding Q4 Associates. What became clear to me over this time was that I wanted to work for the next ten or so years...

Using APIs in Robotic Process Automation

Using APIs in Robotic Process Automation

Using application program interfaces – or APIs – in robotic process automation (RPA) is an interesting and often divisive issue. After all, RPA is all about mimicking the interactions of the human workforce, right? If we use APIs, then we are moving away from the...


The use of reusable and proven off-the-shelf RPA components help organisations to optimise the returns from their digital workforce programme – improving speed of delivery, reducing maintenance costs and accelerating the up-skilling of team members.

The RPA Marketplace has been providing thousands of RPA components and tools to hundreds of companies from 43 different countries. 

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